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Note: This is a dedication site. This original content was written by the original owner of this domain, Alex Dunkel.

Awards and Recognition

Although I’m usually the type to take the awards for my work and quietly tuck them away in a drawer or closet, I felt that these recognitions should be displayed. Although I have designed and written all of the pages, I couldn’t have done it all without the help of everyone that has taken the time to supply information. In other words, the awards below are not mine alone. They belong to every visitor who has contributed to the growth and development of The World of Dune. Thank you, everyone!

The Ministry Majon SelectSurf
Speculative Vision Sci-Fi Site of the Week, Oct. 19, 1998, Vol. 4, No. 21, Issue 81


I’d also like to give my special thanks to Zach Haren, who informed me that The World of Dune was mentioned in issue #28 (August 1997) of InQuest magazine. (It was mentioned on page 20 in the section “ELECTRONIC IQ NEWS PLUGGED IN” in a segment entitled “Dune Buggy”, if anyone’s interested.) If he hadn’t informed me, I would’ve never found out.

Yahoo! Internet Life

Once again, The World of Dune was mentioned in a major magazine without the publishers or reviewers being kind enough to let me know. I really appreciate it when people tell me about these things. This time, Yahoo! Internet Life mentioned this site in its review of the Top 20 Science-Fiction Online Communities in issue #12 (December 1997). Amoung all science fiction communities, here’s how we ranked:

The Dune Community

Category: Rank:
Number of Sites (16) 17
Rabid Consumption 5
Worship of the Obscure 7
Galactic Darwinism 12
Fan-Page Matchups (The World of Dune) 7

Overall Ranking:  9
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